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Voice of Citizen News Agency is an independent media organization established to cover events and news related to Afghanistan and the world. This news agency collects news from various sources and publishes them daily in the form of news for its audience with a detailed analysis and review carried out by journalists and activists in this field.

Taking into account the importance of communication with the audience, the Voice of Citizen news agency has the opportunity to communicate directly with its readers and listeners through the audience contact page. This contact page is one of the most important relationships between the news agency and the audience, where the audience can communicate with the Voice of Citizen news agency through phone, SMS, e-mail, or social networks.

Since Voice of Citizen news agency is operating as an independent media organization, informing the audience is considered one of the important tasks of this news agency. Therefore, any comments, suggestions, complaints, or questions from the audience will be seriously considered and if necessary, they will be responded to.

By using the contact page with the audience of the Voice of Citizen news agency, you can communicate with this news agency and send your comments, suggestions, and questions.

Email: info@voc_news.com

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